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Detox Programs

Palms Detox is dedicated to providing continuous support and the highest quality care throughout the recovery process. This commitment to excellence includes implementing the most effective detox programs and proven therapy techniques, thus creating a fully comprehensive, effective recovery experience.

Our Detox Programs

Palms Detox offers the top quality, individualized programs for clients from all areas of the country. Situated in sunny southern California, our private facility provides comfort, support, and security as clients begin the journey of addiction recovery. Under continuous monitoring from our knowledgeable and experienced medical staff, Palms Detox programs are designed for comfort and efficiency, ensuring each client transitions to the next stage of treatment free of illicit substance dependency.

Unlike other detox facilities in California which offer “one size fits all” treatment, Palms Detox customizes each detox plan to fit the needs of the client. Our process begins with a full exam and client interview to fully gain a fully comprehensive understanding of client mental health and medical history. This information is used to create a fully personalized detox regimen structured  for safe, fast, and comfortable results. Additional assistance used as part of the detox process is closely monitored to assure not to adverse effects.

On average Palms Detox programs are between 7 and 10 days for optimal results without prolonging the detox process unnecessarily. 24 hour access to medical support and regular check-in with our staff doctor help ensure the successful completion of detox treatment.

Benefits of Treatment at Palms Detox

Palms Detox goes above and beyond to provide a safe, comfortable, recovery-focused space for clients during the crucial beginning stages of recovery. Our nurturing community is free of judgement, focusing instead on healing together.

Group dynamic therapy beginning during detox allows our clients to address the underlying mental and emotional aspects of substance abuse. Group therapy has the additional benefits of fostering unity and support among clients as they move forward in recovery together. Palms Detox recognizes that this approach helps promote progress and growth in the recovery process.

In addition to group dynamic therapy, clients of Palms Detox also participate in individual therapy and other beneficial treatment programs, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Life Management Skills

Continuing Care Through Palms Detox

Palms Detox support extends beyond detox. Our resources include  assistance with inpatient rehab treatment, whether you advance with Palms Detox or transfer to one of our accredited partners. Inpatient treatment at Palms Detox seamlessly continues the progress of our detox program to maintain the focus on self-growth and healing. Clients benefit greatly from remaining under the care of medical and mental health experts who are already familiar with their journey thus far.

Palms Detox also provides resources to some of the best recovery treatment facilities available across the country. Our well-vetted affiliates are fully prepared to provide the highest quality treatment for your ongoing recovery.

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