Your addiction recovery experience covers all aspects of your life and so should the amenities at your treatment center. Here at Palms Residential, we strive to give our clients a unique and fulfilling experience from start to finish. Our evidence-based treatment techniques paired with a personalized treatment regimen is only enhance by our supplemental amenities designed to further reinforce your commitment to recovery.

Palms Residential offers a wide range of amenities to address your individual needs including:

Employment Assistance

Returning to the workforce as you transition from inpatient levels of care can provide a sense of direction and purpose to your early days of recovery. With help from your assigned case manager, you can update or create a new resume in order to give yourself a leg up in the workforce. The stress management and life skills training you receive during residential inpatient treatment may translate into your vocational skills, further aiding your employment eligibility.

Educational Assistance

Whether you are looking to obtain your GED, complete remaining high school credits, or want to explore secondary education options, we have the resources necessary to make that next step. We help you to find options in your area that can help you advance in whatever educational goals you may be considering. Assistance with applying for scholarships, financial aid, and student loans is also available.

Housing Assistance

No matter if you are local or out of state, Palm Residential understands the importance of finding a safe and comfortable place to transition into everyday life. Resources are available for those who are looking to return home or who want to try their hand at a sober living community regardless of where they are from.


Never worry about missing a beat due to travel discrepancies. Transportation to and from our facility is provided whether you attend an inpatient, PHP, IOP, or OP program. This can include anything from assisting inpatient clients with keeping doctors appointments to supervised shopping trips.

Life Management Skills

Getting back into the swing of things means learning how to manage the tasks necessary to care for yourself and those you love. Important life management skills are emphasized throughout the full continuum of care with Palms Residential by our knowledgeable and experienced behavioral health staff. These lessons are applicable in all areas of one's life and can provide guidance when you need it most.

Nutrition Support

Total wellness is a vital factor in achieving and maintaining sobriety. We understand that everyone’s nutritional needs are unique and important in recovery. Our facility provides nutritious, catered meals that take into consideration any dietary restrictions. Snacks and beverages are also available around the clock.

Weekly Events

Clients at Palms Residential are encouraged to enjoy themselves while they work towards their recovery. Weekly events allow you to remember that recovery does not have to be boring; you can have fun all while remaining sober.

Let Us Help

Changing your life becomes an easy choice when you are given the right tools from the beginning. Palms Residential understands the importance of comfort in recovery and strives to deliver compassionate, client-centered care to all of our clients no matter what stage they are in their journey. Let us help you reach your full potential and start your journey today- Call (855) 400-5258.