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Bringing Lasting Change Throughout Sobriety

The path of addiction recovery can only be walked one step at a time. Through comprehensive behavioral health services, Palms Residential clears the path to addressing underlying causes of substance abuse, which may include unresolved past traumas or mental health disorders.

Palms Residential offers fully comprehensive programs in San Diego specifically tailored to the needs of each client. Our addiction recovery specialists take the time to get to know each individual’s journey thus far to create a personalized treatment program, designed to optimize the recovery experience and bring about lasting change. Our programs are the safest, most effective means of beginning a brighter, healthier, and happier life.

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Fully accredited by the Joint Commission, Palms Residential is staffed by licensed, compassionate experienced addiction recovery specialists waiting to help you regain control of your life.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab and Addiction Treatment at Palms

At Palms Residential, our dedication to our clients is at at the center of all we do. Fully accredited by the Joint Commission, our inpatient treatment programs are designed with client safety, comfort, and long-term success in mind.

The treatment programs at Palms Residential in San Diego are closely monitored and structured for the best possible outcome. Our regimens are personalized to provide the most effective treatment while preventing further dependency issues. We ensure clients overcome the physical aspects of substance abuse and are prepared to continue the recovery journey through ongoing inpatient treatment.

During the recovery process, clients of Palms Residential begin exploring the mental and emotional roots of substance abuse, replacing harmful addictive habits with positive, more beneficial practices. During this portion of the healing process, we help to solidify your long-term commitment to a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Palms Residential makes it easy to transition into inpatient residential treatment, maintaining the focus on growth and self-discovery. Whether through our inpatient residential treatment programs or with one of our verified partners, Palms Residential encourages and supports all clients to continue making progress in their recovery.

Substance Abuse Programs

Inpatient Residential Rehab at Palms Residential 

Because addiction recovery is much deeper than physical urges and dependency, Palms Residential offers the full continuum of residential care for clients from all around the country. Our fully comprehensive, personalized treatment programs feature evidence-based techniques proven effective in substance abuse treatment. These methods include:

  • Group dynamic therapy
  • Individual cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies
  • Trauma-informed, experiential therapy
  • Expressive arts therapy
  • Aftercare and continued care support, and more

At every level of care, Palms Residential maintains the highest standards to ensure the best possible outcomes for all clients. Our privately enclosed housing and treatment facility eliminates external distractions to maintain a recovery-focused environment geared toward building a solid foundation for the future.

Let us help you begin your journey to a brighter, healthier life. Call us now!